Logo Myo Shin Ryu Ju Jitsu Do

Meaning: Brilliance / Brightness

Truth / Spirit / True Essence

School of that Style

the way of thatīs schools techniques



London / Virginia / Manchester 2000.

That is the meaning of my new style in itīs totality.

Content of the Sign:

The colour blue, is a more calming colour than red, to look at, it is also very different.

The fan, is still again calming and retains itīs japanese origin.

The cherry blossom, an age old favourite of japanese culture means bright and is an appropreate symbol of tranquility and beauty as apposed to violence.

The kanji of Myo Shin Ryu is alongside in gold colour as another mark of non violence, for all to read, wheather from the west / East.

On a white top it will be displayed underneath the badge also like this. Black belts with hakama.

Shihan Allan Tattersall, Hanshi, Soke Myo Shin Ryu Jiujitsu Do