Logo Myo Shin Ryu Ju Jitsu Do

Meaning: Brilliance / Brightness

Truth / Spirit / True Essence

School of that Style

the way of thatīs schools techniques


This was designated a new Ryu Ha, meaning new school / Style accepted and named by Hanshi Tesshin Hamada who personally put this forward to be sanctioned by DNBK.

It is not a thing to brag about, but to know with pride! As is the correct way of etiquette. It was so named after the 3. events where we have shown in demonstrations our techniques.

London / Virginia / Manchester 2000.

He regarded it as different, exciting, and bright in itīs execution with spirit, and is known as such in itīs name MYO SHIN RYU. the Kanji MYO / MEI are the same, with the same meaning. but the letter "o" is prolonged in itīs pronunciation as MYOEEE!. So the sound is nearly the same as MEI, but different.

Shihan Allan Tattersall, Hanshi, Soke Myo Shin Ryu Jiujitsu Do